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Best TV of 2014 - 2015 

The best TVs of 2014-2015 are going to be a multitasking mega machine. Long gone are the days where a TV simply transmits a television show to your living room. Today's TV's do everything but make the popcorn and that is very likely not too far behind. 


The best TVs for 2014-2015 have 3 D capabilities, social networking options and far more options than can be listed here. Everything that you could want a TV to do and beyond is offered by most of the big manufacturers according to the consumer reports. 

Brand Ranges

Each of the big well-known brands typically offer a full range of models so that they can meet consumers’ needs. Finding an affordable option can be a lot easier than most people imagine. Some options are: 

    Samsung PN3F 

    Samsung UN40 

    Samsung 6400 

    Toshiba 39L 

    Toshiba 32 L LED 

    Sharp Aquos 


Each of the above fall into very different price ranges. Samsung has really stepped up in the affordability department. You can purchase the Samsung PN3F for less than $400! it has a 43 inch screen which is an ample size for viewing in most rooms. This model offers Dolby digital sound a 2.0 USB port. The chief complaint with this model according to consumers that purchased it were that it did not have enough component connections, but for the price you get an excellent picture and a great set! 


On a higher note (cost that is) the Samsung UN40 but not much higher. The Samsung UN40 offers 1080p viewing on a 40 inch screen. This smart TV offers a complete list of apps that the entire family will love including Skype, Movie Share, Digital sharing and many more features. Built in WIFI, 3 HDMI connectors and tons of other advantages all for a little over $500. 

Samsung has another model out that may be the best TV of 2014-2015 the Samsung 6400 according to the consumer reports we read. This smart 3D TV is a bit costly at roughly $4000 but in a word it is WOW. A 75 inch screen means that movie night takes on a whole new meaning. It has a dual core processor, can locate the movies and shows you will like the best based on your viewing history. You can turn 2D movies into 3D movies! When you hear the term “bells and whistles” this is exactly what that term was invented to describe! 

Toshiba is up next with the 39L. This affordable LED 39 inch screen offers everything you need to enjoy an entertainment experience. 3 HDMI inputs are a great option to make sure you are getting the most out of your components. The 1080 HD viewing offers a crisp clear picture. The cost? $399 a real steal! 

Toshiba 32 L LED is a TV that is a great option for the bedroom or as a computer monitor. The 32 inch screen is clear and crisp and the price is right on. 

Bottom Line

There are a lot of options to choose from when looking for the best tv of 2014-2015. Do a little research and some price comparison and you will have your new TV in no time.  















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best tv 2014 2015 consumer reports